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By listing your property on our site you will have the opportunity to advertise your property in the traditional media by using your advertisement on

The advantages of placing your property under the site is that you centralise your marketing around your listing and allow potential buyers to view all aspects of you property.

Once we have made contact and your site is finalised, you will be allocated your own individual site e.g.

You will then be able to quote this site within your newspaper or magazine advertising.

Traditional media still plays an important role in the sale of real estate at a private or commercial level, therefore our role is to offer you the client the ability to reduce advertising space in the traditional media by giving you space under the site.

When next placing an ad in the newspapers you could reduce your ad.

Waterfront house in Sydney's North, asking $650,00, for more details please ring 0500 566338 or see

It's that easy, and it doesn't cost you a cent for our services.

Please note that we run ads till sold, but we will be contacting you occasionally to check the status of your advertisement.

In the near future we will be offering signs and literature to help you in your sale, we are also building a services section specifically for private sale clients.


Q: How do I place an AD?

A:Click PLACE AD and fill out the listing form with all relative information. Once you are satisfied with your ad click the submit button to place your ad in our database.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: All services are FREE

Q: When do I get to load my photos?

A: After you have submitted your ad, you will be provided with further information - you can use email to send us your photos.

Q: So what happens after I have submitted my ad ?

A: Once your ad is placed you will be issued a listing # which you will receive by email. Simple send us the pictures with your listing # and we will upload your photos for you.

Q: Where do I send the photos?

Q: How do I cancel or edit my ad?

A: Just send us an email with your details and/or changes, there is no fee to amend or cancel an ad.

Q: Will my details be used for other purposes ?

A: No, all info is used for you advertisment only, we delete the property number and address for security.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us

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